our mission

is to keep Detroit at home. We believe that stable families build strong communities. We seek to create opportunities for stability through homeownership by collectivizing social, monetary and knowledge-based resources in order to change outcomes for families at risk of losing their housing to tax foreclosure.

the tricycle collective

is a woman-led volunteer-powered nonprofit organization working to provide additional support to Detroit families with young children who live in homes facing tax foreclosure. We do this primarily through:

  • the spreading of information (door knocking, public events, continuing homeowner education)
  • the raising and distributing of funds (donating $500 to as many families as possible whose homes are being sold in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction)


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You Did It!

Thanks to all those who donated, knocked on doors, shared with friends, read articles, and found your own way to SHOW UP to put us over the top of our $30,000 fundraising goal! THANK YOU! Every single…
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