October 12, 2015

A blight bundle quiz

One of the members of The Tricycle Collective already had her house purchased in Round 1 of the auction. The new owner already contacted her and wants to charge far more than she can pay so she is searching for a vacant property to buy in Round 2 so that she and her 5 kids have some stability in their housing. A search for houses in her neighborhood revealed an interesting discrepancy in the vacant properties available in the auction– some of them buildings are available for sale but many have been grouped together in what’s known as the “blight bundle,” making them effectively un-buyable. The blight bundle is intended to prevent prospective auction buyers from purchasing the “unbuyable” “blighted” properties that can only be properly handled by the Detroit Land Bank Authority, but plenty of other properties are still for sale.

Let’s take the time for a quick game we call “Tear it Down or Up for Sale” and see some of the options the house-hunting mother will be closing from.

House 1:

15824 Cherylawn (photo credit makeloveland)

(photo credit makeloveland)

House 2:

15861 Northlawn (Photo credit makeloveland)

(Photo credit makeloveland)

House 3:

16200 Woodingham (photo credit makeloveland)

(photo credit Wayne County Treasurer)

House 4:

15892 Greenlawn (photo credit makeloveland)

(photo credit makeloveland)

House 5:

16156 Woodingham (photo credit makeloveland)

(photo credit makeloveland)

House 6:

16151 Greenlawn (photo credit Makeloveland)

(photo credit Makeloveland)


Ready for the answers?

1) Tear it Down!

2) Up for Sale!

3) Tear it Down!

4 ) Up for Sale!

5) Tear it Down!

6) Up for Sale!


3 Comments on “A blight bundle quiz

Scott Dillon
October 14, 2015 at 11:45 am

I feel like this obstacle course came straight from “The Onion”. Eesh, truth is the strangest fiction.

Brenda McGadney
October 14, 2015 at 8:37 pm

Seems the Detroit Land Bank Authority is doing the same thing with side lots; reportedly 37,000 and counting side lots are not available for purchase by Detroit property owners. This is especially true in Midtown!


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