December 10, 2015

Dry Homes: Update

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Open a new water account NOW if you purchased a home in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction.

When a home is purchased in the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure auction, it is subject to having its utility bills RESET. New homeowner should bring their deeds and ID to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to open a new account and have the balance zeroed out.

Many renters are left with the burden of a water bill that was the responsibility of the former landlord and are left with both costly debts and water shutoffs. This was the case for two families in The Tricycle Collective who bought their homes in this year’s auction but had their water shutoff before receiving their deeds. With patience and paperwork, their water service has been returned and the debt on their accounts have been eliminated.

This opportunity will not be available forever. If you are a deed holder, renter or land contract holder of a property purchased in auction go down to the DWSD immediately to take advantage of this opportunity. This is especially important for those who buy vacant properties which may have had excessive water leaks due to plumbing systems being scrapped.  Anecdotal information suggests there is a 90 day limit to the offer by the treasurer to absorb past utility bills.

With our small fundraiser last month, we are donating money to one family who bought their house in last year’s auction but was not able to re-set their water accounts. This money will help them avoid water shut-off and make a small dent in their outstanding account so they can celebrate the holidays with water flowing in their faucets.


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