September 15, 2016

Jackie’s pespective

” I really wanted to give up, you know. Actually I did give up…”
“…because I was really ready to go. I said “forget Detroit, I’m gone,” But I really didn’t want to leave because I have a career here, my kids are stable in school..”
“I was like wow, I never in a million years knew there was something like this going on in Detroit. I never knew that there were people that actually cared whether you and your kids get set out in the street.”
“The only thing we need to do is spread the word. A lot of people are afraid to share.”

At last year’s “Home Is…” storytelling event, guest speakers from The Tricycle Collective shared their experiences of fighting for their homes through the tax foreclosure crisis. Jacquella Martin is an incredible single mother trying to make her home here in Detroit. She fought for her home in the 2015 tax foreclosure auction and lost. The new owner forced her out but, incredibly, she was able to move in with a family member whose home was ALSO in the auction and who was another member of The Tricycle Collective, a slightly more fortunate one. It wasn’t what she dreamed of but she moved up the street and her kids are able to stay in the same school. Thank you for sharing your story, Jackie.

More video testimonials from the “Home Is…” event:

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