The THIRD Annual Homelover’s Potluck

Last Saturday, The Tricycle Collective took some time to celebrate the gift of home and the importance of the work that goes into preserving it by gathering for our third annual “Homelover’s Potluck.” Each of the 107 families who have received donations from this organization were invited. It was a […]

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Spring Update!

The Tricycle Collective has been busy! In the months after the auction, the women of the Tricycle Collective have been working quietly behind the scenes to review, reorganize and restructure the organization. We are still a volunteer organization but we have pursued our first-ever grants for some community project and we […]

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New Year Reflection

It’s the start of another year and a very good time to reflex on the one that’s just passed. For The Tricycle Collective, we have been honored and fulfilled in achieving more work than ever in our efforts to keep Detroit families in their homes. In this year alone, we […]

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Call to Action!

Call to action! Ask state reps to help fight tax foreclosure:   Call your state representatives and ask them to vote YES to pass amendments to help Detroit homeowners facing tax foreclosure: PASS House Bill 5149 (HIB 5179) to allow local government to apply the Poverty Tax Exemptions retroactively. This […]

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