the tricycle collective

is a Detroit organization
working to support families facing tax foreclosure
to own the homes they already live in
through information, advocacy, and financial contributions.

We believe in the power of information,
we believe that people have value beyond their financial means,
and we believe in keeping Detroit at home.

Coming SOON!

2016 Keep Detroit at Home Fundraising Campaign!
September 1-30


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Crunch Time

At 9:00am on June 30th, the office of the Wayne County Treasurer is filling with people making a last desperate effort to save their homes from tax foreclosure. On the 8th floor, the “ballroom&…

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Growing Families

Happy news! We are thrilled to announce that a new child was born to one of our families this month. Little Jreem is now 3 weeks old, healthy and happy. Jreem’s parents, Ray and Roshawna, lear…

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We are happy to announce that FOUR more families in The Tricycle Collective are officially deed-holding homeowners! Each of these families was unable to participate in the auction on their own or part…

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Property Assessment Update

This February, The Tricycle Collective gathered members and friends to partake in the civic act of requesting a property reassessment by the City of Detroit. Chronically overvalued properties lead to …

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