Spring Update!

The Tricycle Collective has been busy! In the months after the auction, the women of the Tricycle Collective have been working quietly behind the scenes to review, reorganize and restructure the organization. We are still a volunteer organization but we have pursued our first-ever grants for some community project and we […]

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Call to Action!

Call to action! Ask state reps to help fight tax foreclosure:   Call your state representatives and ask them to vote YES to pass amendments to help Detroit homeowners facing tax foreclosure: PASS House Bill 5149 (HIB 5179) to allow local government to apply the Poverty Tax Exemptions retroactively. This […]

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Growing Families

Happy news! We are thrilled to announce that a new child was born to one of our families this month. Little Jreem is now 3 weeks old, healthy and happy. Jreem’s parents, Ray and Roshawna, learned that the home they rented was up for sale just a month before the auction. They didn’t […]

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