Day One, Done.

2 houses won today, 2 houses lost. Is the glass half-empty of half-full? Depends on which one you’re living in. The bizarre reality of this auction never ceases to baffle. Such aching finality. Such insulting impersonality. Such waste. And yet, there are victories too. We almost missed a win because the treasurer […]

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The Right Size

They used to call it downsizing -but that wasn’t very popular. So then they called it “right sizing” -but everyone knew it was the same thing. Then they started calling it “Future City”- and of course the people knew better. And so, they didn’t say anything. Silently they issued yellow tax foreclosure notices […]

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Tricycle Collective 20-20 Campaign: Launched!

From September 11-30th we are launching a fundraising and awareness-raising campaign In 20 days, we’ll collect $20,000 to help 20 families buy their homes back from auction. Contribute at: This year, we will be supporting more Detroiters than ever, knocking on hundreds of doors with to make sure those whose homes in foreclosure know about […]

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